Have the Courage to follow your Heart

Being brave is not a very easy thing to do for many of us out there. It is indeed not. You need to take a risk in life, but not every person has the ability to be brave and make quick yet right decision.

Your Time is Limited

Your Time is Limited

Are the fears stopping you moving forward from living the life you deserve? Will you wish you can show more courage within your day-to-day dealings with other people?

What really is courage? Courage is when you have the ability to be strong and not fear of anything that might hinder you from taking an action or from facing problems.

Courage is definitely the ability to continue moving forward even in the public presence of challenge, difficulty, and fear.

Courageous is something that you can earn. Therefore don’t doubt to try because you’ll never know and never achieve anything if you don’t ever try.

Courage Is Like A Psychological Muscle.

Being brave is similar to lifting weights. The more you participate, the easier it becomes. Alternatively, the more you’re willing to use and accept fear as an excuse not to move forward, the easier that path becomes. You get good at the things you practice regularly.


Ever heard that practice makes perfect? This is what this all means. It’s okay that you are shy or always afraid now. But don’t ever fail to always try. By trying you’ll see, that it is actually okay when you take steps or actions. Here are some tips for you:

  • Try to list everything that you think you’re afraid of. Try with physical and psychological things. When it comes to psychological matter, it would be a little bit tricky while you have to deal with both your mental and physical fear. But never stop trying.
  • Work out with the list that you thought the most easier task for you. Try from the physical things too. It sometimes help you to get rid of all those fear.
  • Start out by making a list of the things that you’re afraid to do but wish you weren’t. These can be things like asking out the cute guy in the finance department, doing karaoke, starting your own business, or leaving a bad relationship.

Development Phase

  • When you force yourself once or two to take actions, gradually you’ll automatically always decide to take actions. It become a habit and the good things start.
  • Fear never leaves you. When you realize about this fact, you know that even the most courageous people do afraid of things. They just know how to neglect the fear and still take actions.
  • Don’t make fear as an excuse to get rid of things in life. You have to have the mind set that you have to do what you should, whether those are the things you hate or are afraid about or not.
  • Think of the worst-case scenario. Sometimes people are just too panicked to realize that things are not going to go that worse.
  • Praise yourself or spoil yourself every time when you succeed in tackling your fear. This is the so-called self-motivation.
  • Nowadays there are many ways to tackle your fear: psychology, meditation, therapies and any other.

Have some courage and try to for instance: raise your hand every time the teacher asks questions. You’ll learn that in time, you’ve be more courageous than before. Remember that being courageous is all about taking action in spite of fear, not the absence of fear. There is no time such as the present to enhance your own courage.

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