Are you a professional blogger? 10 SEO strategies you must follow!

SEO strategies are highly essential in ensuring that one’s Blog post remains among the top blogs in the search engines. These strategies are known to be effective in increasing the ranking of the blog in search engines.

Top 10 SEO Strategies

Top 10 SEO Strategies

Today I am going to share with you the best SEO strategies followed by the most successful professional bloggers.

Video Sitemap

Video sitemap is an essential strategy that you will need to essentially install in your blog page so as to attract more bloggers, with this people will always spend most time in viewing and downloading the video thus giving you more rankings in search engines .

Search Feature

Incorporating search feature in your site is another essential strategy that you will essentially need to incorporate so that other bloggers are able to easily navigate through your blog page easily and faster.

Engaging Post

Always post engaging post in your blog page so that people are able to come and leave comments while keenly following the conversation, this will ensure a free flow of conversation within the blog page such that people are able to frequently visit the blog page thus increasing your rankings in search engines and making your blog post be a hit among other blog post’s.


Always make an appointment of responding to any comment that your readers post on your blog page such that they are able to view you as a wholly sociable person, this should come hand in hand in you ensuring that you respond to any queries that they might have.


Ensure that the keywords you essentially use in your blog pages are highly competitive but not too popular as you will essentially need to avoid plagiarism, what you usually do is to endure that the keywords are long tailed.

Craft an Attractive Headline

Craft an attractive headline for your blog post that is able catch the attention of your followers, this will ensure that they try to know what your post is all about, also ensure that the headline incorporates the keyword as this will ensure that you gain lots of ranking in search engines thus an increase in the amount of traffic to your blog page.

Optimize Images

Ensure that you optimize images on your blog page as it will act as a motivating tool in engaging readers and result in further increase in trust, don’t use photos without optimizing them as you will essentially have done nothing ,

Anchor Link

An anchor link is an essential tool that you will need to incorporate in your web page if you want to be successful  this is because it  able to direct  potential readers  to a piece of web content ,this are essentially links that you create around the web to direct readers to your blog posts. You should ensure that you avoid lazy anchor links so that you are more successful in Blog posting endeavors.

Social Links

Incorporate social links to your blog posts such that your blog post is highly sociable on twitter and face book this will ensure that people are able to post their comments through their social mediums and can be of much lots fun.

Social Structure

Improve your social structure such that is highly attractive to the readers and always keep them glued to your blog posts, always ensure that your posts are always enjoyable to read.

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