Eclipse Shortcut Keys – I

Eclipse Shortcut Keys that I use mostly. It is more to keep a record to myself, so that when I switch from another IDE back to Eclipse.


ALT+Arrow LEFT/RIGHT: Move among changes.
CTRL+ . : Move to next error.
CTRL+PGUP or PGDWN: Move among tabs.
ALT+SHIFT+Arrows: Select blocks
CTRL+SHIFT+Arrow UP/DOWN: Navigate to next class member

CTRL+O: Outline members.
CTRL+T: Type Hierarchy.
CTRL+E: List open files.


CTRL+M: Maximize/minimize view.
CTRL+SHIFT+G Find references in the workspace


CTRL+SHIFT+F: Format cote.
CTRL+I: Indent (Different from format).
CTRL+ALT+Arrow UP/DOWN: Duplicate line
ALT+Arrow UP/DOWN: Move line.
CTRL+D: Delete line.
ALT+SHIFT+ I: Inline method.
ALT+SHIFT+M: Extract method.


SHIFT+ALT+X+T: eXecute test.
SHIFT+ALT+D+T: Debug test.
F11: Run resource.
CTRL+F11: Debug resource.

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