Do you want your Child to be Responsible, Self Sufficient individual?

So engage them in household day to day activities from young age. It is very important as it helps them grow into responsible, self-sufficient individuals. Do not wait till they grow up before making them involve in household tasks. This is the basic habit that must be cultivated from the very beginning, as it does not come naturally to the children’s. Always try to engage children in household basic activities to make them independent and self-responsible.

Involving Childs in Household activities

Doing household activities attracts a child closer to his family and home; also help him to take self-ownership

During initial years of childhood, when both parents are working – the child often feel ignored. One of the best ways to avoid this ignorance is by including children into basic household activities so that both parents and child can work together as a single coordinated unit. For example, when you come back home from work you must ask your child to help in cleaning up the play items, preparing the dinner or setting the table. This way the child will get to spend some quality time with you and will also get to enjoy some beautiful moments of attachment as a family while doing some house hold activities like chopping vegetables or doing other small things. Performing similar activities such as cleaning or dusting will help strengthen the bonds between the parent and the child. This set of small chunk of activities will tie the child to the family. Involving the children like this will not feel them ignored by their parents and also parents can get rid of the guilt of not being able to devote quality time with their children owing to the busy work schedules!

Besides, when a child is a part of the household chores from a young age, he develops a sense of belonging to his house and hence feels an attachment to his home which is a great thing. Children who are attached to their houses and family have a great childhood and do a great job at maintaining successful relationships when they grow up.

Being a part of household chores fosters a sense of responsibility

Making Your child responsible - from early age?

Children who are made to help take care of the house by doing chores and running small errands like buying the groceries, paying the electric bills and the like become responsible citizens and they have better management skills than the ones who grew up without doing as much a getting a glass of water themselves.

For future preparation

It is hard to say where life will take us so it is important to be self sufficient. By engaging a child in household chores you can ensure that he learns the basic skills like cooking, cleaning, washing and so on so that he can take care of himself without depending upon others if a situation demands the same.

The easiest way to make a child take interest in household chores is by breaking it down for him into small parts or by making a game out of it. Make sure that your child’s participation is duly appreciated as it will give him incentives to invest himself in the household chores!

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