Introduction to Siebel!!!

As we all know Oracle has acquired Sun Microsystems, ATG etc. Siebel CRM also resides in Oracle’s plate. So, We thought techanuva should not be restricted to just ATG or Java but should proceed addressing various Oracle products as well. For that matter we are going to start with Siebel.

So, Whats Siebel? It is nothing but a CRM product of Siebel Systems founded by Mr. Thomas whose father’s name is Siebel in the year 1993. Guess you are surprised to hear such a candid definition. In this you are going to get such a clear and crisp technical definition for everything related to Siebel. The motive is that everyone who reads the blog should get the clear information on what they are looking for. If suppose I am not clear on something, I would rather explore for sometime and provide you with the proper information rather than publishing some content just for the sake of doing it.

Here we go.

When we say Siebel CRM is an enterprise application. We should make ourself aware of 2 terms namely ‘Enterprise’ and ‘CRM’.

Enterprise: It is nothing but a systematic way of doing business. Let’s consider an organization which is intend to sell any tangible goods or Services to customers. Obviously the motive would be to increase the profit. So, any system built with this motive is known to be an enterprise application. Sounds good? Now lets see what a CRM is.

CRM(Customer relationship Management): Though the full form of the abbreviation is self explanatory, I would like a throw some light on that. Any enterprise can increase the profit only because of customers. So, It is very important to study about the customers, design business as per the needs, provide an extreme care to the existing customers. So, CRM is a system which is going to help us in getting the above mentioned statement fullfiled.

Thomas in 1993 decided to build a kind of Enterpise system which is more of customer centric and hence Siebel evolved. Hope the definition of Siebel CRM is clear.

Will come up with more information on Siebel CRM in my next articles.

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