Optimize your Content and Actions – as part of Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Engine is getting better and better in identifying Sound and Noise. I am referring as Sound – to good and genuine content and Noise as outdated content or the content is not ranked high in terms of user point of view.  So we never feel bad when a wrong things are removed from a system, similarly we never feel bad when a site with not so genuine content, to ensure the quality of content that end user search for. Content is King – As part of every release the Google algorithms are fine tuned to give more importance to this statement.

 Also now Google has come out with latest version of Panda (version 3.9) where they have bought considerable change in the Search Algorithm. Panda 3.9 is targeted to more stream line the process of finding quality content on the internet, so the only real and genuine content will get listed on the searchers front page. But also it is said that next release Penguin, is going to be dangerous as per Google Sources. It is expected to turn around the Page Ranking of many outdated content sites.

SO guys better get you basics strong on SEO as Google is trying to ensure the right content reaches right search request. Any site trying to manipulate these would result in the downfall of page ranking in coming algorithm updates from Google.

You need to be aware of 2 important aspects in SEO optimization-

  • On Page Optimization,
  • Off Page Optimization

As part of On Page Optimization, we need to ensure that out page is optimized to help the Search Engine to know easily what makes our page unique and what content the page is holding.

As part of off page Optimization, we need to ensure that a enough back links from other website to your site and you should not make it an too much of back links to your site where the Google Search Engine or Crawler will consider this site to faking to a Genuine site and will consider all these backlinks as motive to improve the page ranking. But backlinks will play an important role in your site because the search engine makes these backlinks as referrers to your site as a genuine Content, but as we all know TOO MUCH IS TOO BAD. So maintain your Equilibrium.

As part of On Page Optimization take care of these points:

  • Ensure the tile contains a Keywords, which can be used by SEO robot use it to understand the content on the page. This is one of the ways to get maximum traffic. Ensure you frame it to match the Searcher’s perspective, as title appears in the search results as HEADLINES.
  • Link (using anchor tag) your KEYWORDS to different page which represents the same content. By doing this you site navigation becomes better and people try to reach these pages easily as this will be related content to what they were searching.
  • After you ensure that you have a key word in the article title, you have to take maximum care so that you use these keywords in your body, as this form the important aspect in connecting the Title to the Content. The keyword must be all over the page and also highlighted
  • Never use same title tag for every page on your site; this will make you page loose the relevancy. As a result the Search Engine Robot might think all the pages are related same keyword and not index the pages
  • Human readable and friendly pages are indexed by Search engine and also attract traffic to your site. Never use Doorway Pages as they developed only to robots.
  • Never add tag that are not relevant to you article, as this might reduce the quality of you blog and your blogging content will never be taken seriously by Crawler and also by the End user
  • Do you know weight of Title Tags are increased by adding the Text Links, which is similar to alternate text for images
  • Always provide the Alternate Text to Images, by this Search Engine will index your pages using the content provided as part of image upload.
  • There are not definite rules to submit an article. If the content is genuine and important for the Search users, Google Search Engine or Robot will index the pages.
  • Never use any tools or applications to submit your article or blog.  For usage of any such Submission tools and lead to serious action by Google and reduce the Page Rank (PR), and can even be banned.

Off Page Optimization:

On page are important, but you need to give importance to off page Optimization too as giving importance to only On Page Optimization will not get good results to your site. Both needs to be done effectively

More SEO Tips will be provided you Google Webmaster. Google Web Master will tell you what you need to concentrate and what is missed out to get better results and better indexing.

In this article I have covered to explain you the Google’s perspective of fining a good content and about the On Page Optimization and Of Page Optimization. Please stick to your basics, think from the Searcher perspective and concentrate to retain the Site Visitors, as getting a Page Rank (PR) is not a big thing, but retaining the customer to stick to your content and ensuring he returns back to your Site is very important.

Content is King and the Visitors are the Rulers! Both are really important to establish you kingdom on World Wide Web (WWW).

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