Risks from Smoking (Tips to chain smokers)

Risks from Smoking (Info to chain smokers)

By the title given, we all know by now what I am going to write about in this article; particularly Smokers know most of the points discussed here. If you are a smoker, definitely you would have searched for the article on the impact of Smoking or dangerous effects of smoking. This blog is dedicated to all my friends, whom I meet in the Smoking zone of my company and also to others known and unknown friends, who are addicted to the habit of smoking.

Smoking is Dangerous

Smoking is Dangerous

Substances in cigarette

The smoke from a cigarette contains more than 4000 chemicals, which could have various toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects. The content and concentration of chemical ingredients can vary widely from one brand or type of cigarette to the next.

Below is a list of few of the chemicals and their harmful effects.
Acetone                      Cyanide
Aluminum                   DDT/Dieldrin
Ammonia                    Ethenol
Arsenic                        Formaldehyde
Benzene                      Hydrogen cyanide
Butane                        Lead
Cadmium                    Methanol
Carbon monoxide      Nicotine
Carbon dioxide           Tar
Chloroform                 Vinyl Chloride


Health effects

From the medical reports and analysis, the chain smokers have a high risk and possibility to have lung cancer or stroke. So smokers need to know the after effects of smoking and try quitting it. Risk from smoking is that it is dangerous to every part of the body.

Smokers have to know the diseases that can be caused by smoking are

  • Vascular stenosis,
  • Lung cancer,
  • Heart attacks and
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Smoking during pregnancy may cause ADHD to a fetus.


Effects Of Smoking

Effects of Smoking

However, we also find warnings on the cigarette package showcasing the danger of smoking. Is it effective and appealing to the smoker & also how feasible is to sell product like this in public, with a warning on it? But may be such fact is merely like joke to the smokers, but still we might need to realize the danger behind smoking habit.

As we all know the primary substance in cigar is Nicotine, the primary psychoactive chemical in cigarettes and acts as a stimulant. The consumption of this over a period of time will make the person so addictive to it, without it the person cannot sit for long hours. Other Chemicals are added for organoleptic purposes, which are not mentioned on the pack and many boost the addictive properties of cigarettes, especially when burned. One of the chemicals on the list, ammonia, helps convert bound nicotine molecules in tobacco smoke into free nicotine molecules. This process is known as freebasing which enhances the effect of the nicotine on the smoker and makes him addictive to cigar (is one of the main factors leading to continued tobacco smoking).

Public policy on Smoking

Many governments are trying to discourage people from smoking with anti-smoking campaigns in mass media stressing the harmful long-term effects of smoking. Passive smoking, or secondhand smoking (involuntary consumption of smoked tobacco), which affects people in the immediate vicinity of smokers, is a major reason for the implementation of smoking bans. This is a law enforced to stop individuals smoking in indoor public places, such as bars, pubs and restaurants. The idea behind this is to discourage smoking by making it more inconvenient, and to stop harmful smoke being present in enclosed public spaces. A common concern among legislators is to discourage smoking among minors and many states have passed laws against selling tobacco products to underage customers.

The smokers should know the behavior after they quit smoking.

  • 20 minutes after stop smoking: pulse rate and blood pressure will drops to normal, and same thing can also happen on body temperature.
  • 8 hours, level of carbon monoxide in blood will drops to normal while oxygen level will be increased up until reach normal state.
  • 24 hours, the chance of heart attack will decrease.
  • 48 hours, improvement on ability to smell and taste, as well as re-growing of never endings.
  • 2 weeks until 3 months, some improvements on circulation and 30 % increased number of lung function; at this time, walking also becomes easier.
  • In a span of 4 to 9 months, energy level increases and the re-growing of Cilia in lungs; at this time, fatigue and shortness of breath, for example, is also decrease.

There benefits you can get are more, and the result is about to appear after few years’ experience of you quit smoking.

So when you decide to stop smoking, there are many benefits you can get, but the essence is – your body and your health will completely back to normal. Outside of using smoking aid, most smokers might consider the obedience to timeline, with the hope that everything will be back to normal and the body will completely free from dangerous substance.

Hope this will help people in knowing some benefits of when you quit smoking.


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