Software Developers’ Motivation – Top 10

Are you a Software developer – How do you get motivated? These are the Top 10 motivational aspects for software developers (decreasing in order of priority)  are


  •  Achievement
  • Possibility for growth
  • Work itself
  • Recognition
  • Advancement
  • Technical supervision
  • Responsibility
  • Relations with peers
  • Relations with subordinates
  • Salary

There are many aspects, but this post is covering Top 10 action items that every developer get motivated. All project managers need to know these points in order to balance the team member and motivate them to do more.

Do you see any other points important any change in the ranking of the above list, please write to us.

Update: Event thought i get lot of visitors searching. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.  Let’s help inspire, motivate, and empower others!


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