Basic Spring Interview Questions and Answers

Spring Interview Questions and Answers

Let’s see frequently asked questions on Spring framework on Java interviews :

1) What is spring framework? Why Java programmer should use Spring framework
This is a Very common Spring interview question, Spring is a framework which helps Java programmer in development. Spring is a modular framework. Spring provides dependency Injection and IOC container, Spring MVC flow and several useful API for Java programmer.

2) What is default scope of bean in Spring framework ?
The Default scope of bean is Singleton.

3) Does Spring singleton beans are thread-safe ?
No, Spring singleton beans are not thread-safe. Singleton doesn’t mean bean would be thread-safe.

4) What is dependency Injection?
5) What is Inversion of Controller?
6) What is Spring MVC ? Can you explain How one request is processed ?
7) How to you create controller in Spring ?
8) What is view Resolver pattern ? how it work in Spring MVC
9) What is Spring Security ?
10) How do you control concurrent Session on Java web application using Spring Security.

Would be covering many more question and topics in details. Follow SPRING section.

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