What is Conversion optimization?

Conversion Optimization analyzes the behavior of the customers, focuses on what motivates a particular market segment to react in a certain way to marketing elements and advises companies on how to adjust their marketing and sales mix in response.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization Process

As in name, Conversion Optimization is focused on increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into buyers for a marketing campaign.

Conversion Optimization is the departure from traditional marketing. In traditional marketing it is difficult to measure and quantify the impact of a particular campaign.

The process of Conversion Optimization starts with quantifying the numbers for each campaign you run. Numbers of campaigns are run for a business; different campaigns will be used to track different kind of conversions and it various from business to business.

For example, for a retailer it is -number of orders he receives in a month, for a Law office – it is number of new cases signed. For a news or magazine firm it is number of visitors or subscribers subscribed in a month. For a NGO, it is the donations collected in a month.

Conversion optimization might have a positive impact, but can also have a negative impact too. But few of them will have no impact also. So we have to have a clear differentiation when we run campaign to know which one actually helped – or hurt – your campaign.

Conversion optimization is an iterative process. It involves marketing and sales process to test the assumptions and to measure how market actually responds.

Conversion optimization starts when the visitors view a particular and clicks to visit your website.

A well designed site, campaign, collection of webpages and check out process will give your prospects the information that they are looking for and also will increase the chances of converting them. A poorly designed website can undermine a successful promotional campaign.

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