Why Google AdWords?

Google Adwords

+ Best Widespread Search Engine: Google receives more than 70% of the 200 million monthly searches based on the statistics.

+ Leading Advertising Network: AdWords touches 80% of Internet users.

+ Economical & Faster: Text ads are cheaper and faster to produce. Your ads start showing in lessthan 10 minutes and cost from only S$0.02/click.

+ Multiple Ad Formats: AdWords alows basic text, image and flash ads, as well as, rich media like video and gadget ads.

+ Excellent+ Measurable: AdWords provide various reporting, from the number of ad views to click-throughs to ROI. Along with Analytic’s, you can even track how much time visitors spent on your website, etc.

+ Improved Targeting: Target visitors by geographic location and keywords that are related to your business.

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